IT Progresso helps companies with their software development and their digital migration to automate processes and to enhance the customer interaction. IT Progresso and its partners have built excellent understanding of what is needed for companies to move to the next digital level. We will use this knowledge to optimize your IT and software needs, so you can harvest the full benefits of the technology we use to achieve your business goals.

IT Progresso can deliver you Full cycle end to end custom software development solutions. We can offer platform-based solutions like CRM, ERP, ECM, business intelligence and e-commerce. We can also help you with Software re-engineering, migration and maintenance for more functionality and better performance. This we can do based on Short term support, long term projects or dedicated development teams to extend your in-house team. We have mastered the skills to help you develop both powerful back-ends and excellent UIs and cross platform solutions.

Technology Stacks:
Depending on your specific needs, we can either use the world’s leading platforms or build your solution from scratch. Either way, we’ll take the most out of the latest as well as established tools to make sure that your requirements are met to the fullest. IT Progresso and its partner Asseco master a broad range of technologies.

The most important Technology stacks are:

  • Mobile: IoS, Java/C++, Android, C#
  • Back-end and desktop: HP, .NET, Java, Node.js, C++, Qt, Python
  • Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle
  • Front-end: XHTML, CSS3, Less, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, ReactJS

Our team carefully analyses requirements, your business goals and ensures that you choose suitable technology for the required solution. To ensure cost-effective way of project development, we use Agile (Scrum, Kanban) and Waterfall depending on project type and priorities. In the process we can make sure the designers are backed up by certified Quality Assurance engineers. Field-tested custom software development workflow allows us stay on time and within budget.
Below you can find some more info on these technologies.


Magento is an open source and free e-commerce platform written in PHP and the most popular online shopping system at the moment. The software was developed in collaboration with volunteers and support from Varien Inc. (now Magento Inc). According to market research in March 2016, Magento's market share among the 10 most popular e-commerce platforms is 29.1% and thus the largest. IT Progresso has great experience in developing custom made Magento websites and webshops.

Magento Development Services
A good webshop starts with a good basis. A good foundation for your webshop is the e-commerce platform Magento. Magento is the leading platform for web shops worldwide. IT Progresso has extensive experience in building websites based on Magento 2.0. Magento 2.0 was released on November 17, 2015. The main improvements in this version are the tools to increase user involvement, a fully responsive web design with better navigation, improved speed and safety and increasing total revenues. Because of the 'open source' character of the platform, the technology behind Magento is being developed continuously. Both in the field of extensions and in the field of security. In addition, Magento is seen as a pioneer in the field of search engine and conversion optimization.

The following Magento Development services we define:
 Magento Web and Mobile development
 Conversion of Magento 1 to Magento 2
 Magento connection to database and other software
 Webstore optimization
 UI/UE Improvement and website Responsiveness
 A dedicated Magento development team


.NET (pronunciation: dotNET) is an application framework for the seamless collaboration between applications and libraries written in different programming languages. It has been developed by Microsoft. .NET is fully described in public ECMA standards, and is therefore not exclusively for Microsoft applications. The Common Language Infrastructure, the official name for .NET is described in ECMA standard 335, the newly developed language C# in ECMA standard 334. IT Progresso can deliver to you several .Net services, ranging from custom application development to migration of legacy software to .Net.

IT Progresso has .NET specialists with a broad range of experience to create business solutions ranging from simple workflow solutions to projects where we implemented systems seamlessly integrated into business. We use industry-proven practices to deliver business solutions for SMBs and large enterprises. All-around services include consulting, architecture development, application development, delivery and system maintenance.

.NET consists of a large number of classes that the developer can use when creating programs, as well as a virtual execution system (VES) and some compilers that convert source code to an intermediate layer, the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). The MSIL code is converted to machine code by the Common Language Runtime (CLR) by means of just-in-time compilation. The .NET technology is clearly inspired by Java. The Microsoft Corporation decided with Hewlett-Packard and Intel Corporation to develop a common standard, which resulted as a basis for the .NET framework. This unites the advantages of the Java principles with great interoperability with the existing Windows programming environments, which makes it a very interesting development platform for much of the software that existed for .NET in Visual Basic or C ++. As with Java, programs at .NET are not compiled to machine code but to an intermediate language (CIL). IT Progresso has the possibility to employ a team of highly professional developers who have mastered the aspects of the platform and are able to deliver even the most challenging tasks. Our experience includes highly loaded .Net applications intended to service a large number of users. We developed e-commerce systems with more than many products in the database, made 3rd party systems integration and have experience in migrating systems from other platforms to .Net.

The following .NET sub services we define:
 .Net Custom application development
 3rd party software customization
 Migration of legacy applications to .NET
 Application integration
 Quality Assurance and testing services for .NET systems
 Maintenance and support services


C ++ is a multi-paradigmatal, which means that different programming paradigms can be used. The language is designed by Bjarne Stroustrup for AT & T Labs, as an improvement of C. The name comes from the program command "C ++", which means: increase the value of the variable C by 1. The most important extension to C is the addition of classes for object-oriented programming. The class support includes among others: virtual functions, abstract classes and templates. IT Progresso can deliver to your company several C++ software development services.

IT Progresso and its partner Asseco has a broad, deep experience delivering cost-effective, long-term, pragmatic solutions that modernise existing C++ codebases without losing functionality during the process. Our C++ expert services are characterized by strong performance improvements. We take advantage of cutting edge C++11 and C++14 features, while being pragmatic about compiler, system and hardware limitations. We are experienced in optimizing customer specific combinations of CPU, GPU, memory and flash disk. We only select the best data structures for each workload, based on target system, cache coherency and concurrency requirements. We modernize legacy code by using incremental improvements combined with continuous testing. Our experts are experienced to find data races and fix deadlocks. We also analyse problems with existing code and improve its performance by parallelizing it, both on the CPU and/or the GPU.

The following .NET sub services we define:
 C++ Custom application development
 3rd party software customization
 Migration of legacy applications to the latest C++ standards
 Application integration
 Quality Assurance and testing services for applications running on C++
 Optimization of hardware resources with C++ by improving performances on both the CPU and the GPU


Python is a programming language that was designed and developed in the early 90's by Guido van Rossum, who at that time worked at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (previously Mathematical Centre) in Amsterdam. The Python technology is continuously being developed by the Python Software Foundation. Python is free software. IT Progresso can deliver to you several Python services ranging from custom Python application development to application integration.

The IT Progresso team makes full use of Python’s capabilities, including its outstanding flexibility and adaptability, to fulfil requirements, whether you need rapid prototyping, scalable or User Interface intensive solution. We have substantial experience with a large number of Python tools and utilities, libraries, databases, and frameworks, enabling us to deliver software that supports your overall business strategy and goals. We like Python, because Python is a robust programming language that allows us to develop applications in less time. The support tools for debugging, automated testing, deploy and monitoring are solid and reliable. It has a very active and large open source community that develops most of the packages for common tasks which reduces substantial development time. It is the most elegant language to maintain and extend with minimal effort. The design principles of Python make it beautiful and understandable. It is also the faster development cycle with any infrastructure or database.

The following Python sub services we define:
 Python application development
 3rd party software customization
 Application integration
 Quality Assurance and testing services for Python
 Maintenance and support services
 A dedicated Python development team


Java is an object-oriented programming language. Java is a platform-independent language that in terms of syntax is largely based on the (also object-oriented) programming language C++. However, Java has a more extensive class library than C++. IT Progresso can deliver to you several web development services and custom JAVA application and web development services.

IT Progresso and its partner Asseco has strong experience as a custom Java development company. We work with Java, Java EE (J2EE), Java ME (J2ME), Java SE (J2SE) to create business solutions ranging from Java applets to big data systems seamlessly integrated into your business. Many of our customers prefer JAVA as a technology because of its reliability and broad usage. We use industry-proven practices to deliver business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. All-around services include consulting, architecture development, application development, delivery and system maintenance.

Why choosing JAVA: Java has some special advantages. One of the main advantages Java offers is a platform independent feature. Java is probably the best programming language for cross-platform applicants. Furthermore, JAVA is very time efficient leading to a shorter time-to-market. With a well-designed intuitive set of API’s, programmers can write code faster with fewer bugs, thus enabling to offer relatively short time-to-market periods. Java is ‘Multithreaded’ which means that Java powered products can perform various tasks at the same time, allowing developers to write complex interactive applications. Java is also Dynamic in a sense that as an object-oriented model, Java enables rapid development of scalable and complex applications that are easy to extend. With the help of object-oriented units called classes, the program working on Java can dynamically extend itself in order to expand its functionality. Our Java programmers have strong technological background that covers wide range of libraries, frameworks, application servers, databases and technologies. We have accumulated best practices for Java web development – including norms and standards on user interface techniques, caching and resource management, performance tuning, debugging, testing and web services.

We can offer the following Java Development Services
 Custom Java web application development for Enterprise software, Web & Mobile applications
 Development of Cloud software
 Software product development
 Migration to Java
 3rd party integrations
 Dedicated Java development teams


PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language, which is intended to create dynamic web pages on web servers. PHP was designed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, a senior software developer at IBM. Initially the letters were PHP for Personal Home Page, since PHP 3.0 the meaning has become a recursive acronym: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. IT Progresso can deliver to you comprehensive PHP web development services and custom PHP web application development.

PHP is a scripting language and is similar to Perl, Python and Ruby. In terms of syntax, PHP is most like C. In contrast to C it is possible to program object oriented in PHP (especially PHP5), just like in Java, C ++ and C♯ for example. As with many other scripting languages, variables must be preceded by a dollar sign ("$"). This is in contrast to languages such as C, C ++ and Java. This is taken from the Perl scripting language, which PHP is also derived from. In addition to server-side scripting, PHP can also be used via the command line or in graphical applications, for example with PHP-GTK (PHP with GTK +).

PHP enables both object-oriented ('programming with classes') and procedural programming ('programming with functions'). The advantages of PHP are: it is open source software, it is very popular, easy to learn and broad support is possible on the internet. PHP is often used in combination with a relational database. The most used relational databases for PHP are MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is also possible to use other databases with PHP, such as MongoDB and mSQL. There are many different applications for PHP, such as processing data, addressing databases, file editing and image generation and XML. Some of these are ingrained in the language, some of which is available through extensions and modules (among others via PEAR).

IT Progresso has experience with PHP web development and our team has accumulated solid knowledge on the actual PHP platform, as well as the many development tools especially when it comes to CMS systems and frameworks. Engagement of dedicated PHP developers gives our customers opportunity to extend their in-house development team or choose to outsource your PHP based project to us. We can provide you with an attractive quote.

We can offer the following PHP web development services
 Custom PHP web application development
 CMS integration/customization in PHP
 PHP software reengineering
 PHP dedicated team


Node.js has become a preferred framework among start-ups and big enterprises that are looking for quick real-time applications, networking solutions, scalable and high traffic driven applications. Node.js is a software platform on which you can develop and run applications. These applications are written in JavaScript, but unlike many other JavaScript applications, they are not executed in a web browser, but in the JavaScript Engine of Node.js itself, which runs on the server. Node.js is widely used by our team for programming both: endpoint devices and web services where speed, scalability, and productivity are the key factors that need to be taken into account.

Node.js entered the programming society in 2009. Node.js is widely used by our team for programming both: endpoint devices and web services. Speed, scalability, and productivity being key factors in choosing the platform to build Internet of Things applications which require extensive data exchange. Node.js also has very low resource requirements, a feature that developers are already leveraging in IoT scenarios. Node.js contains a built-in HTTP server, making it possible to run a web server without Apache. As a result, Node.js offers an alternative way of server-side scripting compared to other platforms such as Java EE, ASP.NET. Our IT Progresso team also uses the event-driven data processing of Node.js for development of web and mobile applications. As of today, Node.js is a self-sufficient technology that is used by such known companies as LinkedIn, PayPal, Netflix and Uber.

We can offer the following NodeJS web development services
 Custom NodeJS web application development including API development, Real time chat apps and content management tools.
 Payment services based on NodeJS
 High load and interactive apps development
 Migration of enterprise legacy systems to Node.js
 Lifecycle management, refactoring and maintenance of existing Node.js solutions

HTML - Front-end

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is an SGML-based markup language for the specification of documents, primarily intended for the worldwide web. It is the standard mark-up language for web pages. Documents in HTML can be opened and read by a web browser and then displayed as a web page. HTML documents contain in the first place semantic structure and textual content of a web page; the layout and visual representation can also be described there. IT Progresso has great Front-end and HTML developers

IT Progresso is an expert in building your stunning and great looking website with an interactive user interfaces and beautiful or professional looks. We use next to HTML also XTML, HTML5 or XML. The front end is the window your customer is looking through. The front-end development stands behind everything you open with your browser.

Our company follows the world standards and offer creative to HTML front-end services for your website. Our team of HTML developers are highly skilled and constantly upgrade their skills on technologies like CSS3, slicing of PSDs into responsive web frontend and more. We aim to provide your customers with a fully responsive web interface to interact with. We use several tools and technologies to build the web application or website your customer is looking for. We can create online payment systems, questionnaires, online chat or feedback tools. What kind of user interface are you looking for?

We can offer the following HTML and Front end web development services
 Custom web application development including API development
 Reactive Frontend UI/UE Development
 Website migration services to Ecommerce/CMS Frameworks and cross-browser verification.
 Website development and update services
 Website optimization. We implement best practices to make your website responsive and improve your website’s performance.


WordPress is free weblog software, which is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). WordPress was developed by Matthew Mullenweg, but it is supported by a large group of developers. WordPress is the most used content management system. WordPress uses the PHP programming language. All content is stored in a MySQL database. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows the user to modify and/or supplement the content. IT Progresso has great experience in developing custom made WordPress websites and webshops.

WordPress Development Services
IT Progresso has extensive experience in building websites based on WordPress. IT Progresso has experience with the different WordPress elements like, Themes, Plug-ins and Widgets: WordPress has the possibility to install multiple themes and switch between them. Themes ensure that the appearance and functionality of WordPress is changed. Themes can be installed via the "Dashboard" or by uploading via FTP. One of WordPress's most popular features is the rich presence of plug-ins. These enable the users and developers to add new features to WordPress. Widgets are small functionalities that users can put on their website sidebar and footer through a drag-and-drop system. Widgets can contain a slideshow, a search bar, a blog post or registration form for a newsletter, etc.

The following WordPress Development services we define:
 WordPress Web and Mobile development
 WordPress connection to database and other software
 Webstore optimization
 UI/UE Improvement and website Responsiveness
 A dedicated WordPress development team