Instead of participating in your team, you can also let us do the A-Z of a project. You manage the customer and we make sure we deliver within the requested services and deliverables, we include the right expertise, including e.g. a Scrum-Master, project leader and all specialists needed to do the job. Let us know what the job is and we can indicate and scope what needs to be done and make a well calculated estimate on the costs.


  • From our offshore development centers in Macedonia, we deliver full-cycle software development services in a variety of technology stacks and business domains. Tap into expertise and experience not available in-house.
  • Technology and domain expertise. In our software development company solid business domain experience, broad technical expertise and quality-driven delivery model are combined to create innovative solutions. Our tech professionals  experienced in development of FinTech products, business intelligence solutions, complex web and mobile applications, big data & data science analytics offer full-cycle services in the areas of software development and technology consulting.
  • IT Progresso helps your company to bring it’s ideas to life and create disruptive web and mobile applications, APIs and other software products tailored to your business needs and market expectations.
  • Our long-term partners ascertain that outsourcing new product development to IT Progresso reduces production costs and time-to-market while ensuring high quality, more new features per release and greater innovation. With the help of agile/scrum methodology we always stay focused on the most important things, therefore business critical features are on top and implemented first.

Financial institutions

Investment funds
Public finance


Central administration
Local administration
International organizations
Social services
Uniformed services


Energy sector

We define ICT Projects in two main categories:

Software development & testing

A More Serviceable and Efficient IT infrastructure



From our offshore development centers in Macedonia, we deliver full-cycle software development services in a variety of technology stacks and business domains. Staying competitive in today’s digital world means modernizing the infrastructure, the software and operations that serve as the foundation for your technology and application deployment as well as the smooth functioning and delivery of IT services through ITIL processes.

Custom Enterprise Software; Our software and app developers deliver enterprise applications that address your business needs and meet your specifications. We have experience in creating software that improves content management, business process automation, e-Commerce, and employee collaboration. Our developers are able to leverage their experience with Agile software development to increase your competitive advantage.

Legacy Application Modernization: Outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. IT Progresso can provide your business with a team that can perform in depth feature and technical analysis of your legacy solution and offer enterprise application development that will use the latest tools and technologies. Your users will be happier and more productive, and your IT operations team will sleep better.

Application Portfolio Consolidation: In many companies a large variety of software is build in time. Often this leaves organization with a wide variety of solutions that in many cases do not interact well with each other. IT Progresso can help your business consolidate these solutions, combining their benefits to increase your IT Operations, minimize costs, increase employee efficiency, and optimize user experience. Our team of analysts and app developers would be able to help to consolidate, integrate, and refactor your enterprise applications as necessary, while moving them to modern software stacks and cloud hosting.

Back-end Development: IT Progresso provides comprehensive back-end web development expertise to lay a rock solid foundation for your online business. We’ll create a powerful brain to serve the needs of web, mobile, desktop and connected endpoints on the frontline of your system.

Below you find our services and advice we can deliver

  • Product scoping
  • Define user journeys by assessment of users’ actions, motivations, possible stumbling points with subsequent mapping ensures smooth navigation across the key touchpoints of the solution.
  • Architecture design
  • UI/UX, UI Performance: apart from the carefully designed solution architecture, which provides for optimal performance, the system UI is augmented with RIAs to enable quick response of the implemented functions.
  • Software product development
  • Software testing
  • Software product support and maintenance
  • Software integration
  • Software modernization
  • Users training
  • Professional consulting

We build mobile apps, web solutions, and visual interfaces for devices with an eye towards a rewarding and productive user experience. To achieve these goals, we incorporate such essential system properties as clarity, intuitiveness, interactivity, and responsiveness.

Our foundation is based upon the following principles:

  • Understanding the customer needs
  • Ensuring Timely and High Quality Deliverables
  • Deliver End to End Solutions (Capability and flexibility to provide Complete Enterprise Solutions)
  • Right competence on the right projects – Cost efficient Solutions
  • World class services for our clients and partners

Q&A Testing

How does it work: Our Q&A specialists is involved early in cooperation to understand the requirements of your project and future testing process specifics. We learn about your project constraints to make sure the solution we provide is tailored to your needs. In the next step We design a testing proposal with the best knowledge of your software testing strategy, defining scope, approach, requirements, test results reporting and communication procedures. After the way of working and the test plan has been agreed, our Q&A specialist will suggest and put together a Q&A team based on the skill areas that you require. The next step would be the execution of our plan. The team starts its work.

It will cover the full testing lifecycle including requirements analysis , tests design and execution of testing, and can be responsible, depending on your scope, for project management functions related to testing.


Full-Cycle QA:

  • We can manage your entire testing process from requirements analysis, testing documentation development and maintenance to testing process execution.
  • Our team is highly proficient in testing practices and technologies – including testing process, tools, databases, operating systems etc., and compliant to industry standards
  • You can either leverage our existing hardware and software environments as a products testing platform or we can set up a software test lab tailored to your needs.
  • Independent software testing teams deliver a more accurate and unbiased representation of software quality and verify assumptions people made during specification and implementation of the system.

Staying competitive in today’s digital world means modernizing the infrastructure and operations that serve as the foundation for your technology and application deployment. In many cases it helps if you IT Services are aligned to the latest ITIL processes. IT has become the center point of all activities in most companies. IT Progresso can deliver consultancy and services to make sure you remain competitive and take the right steps in the Digital transformation.

Below you find some services and advice we can deliver to bring you up to speed and to help you to start your digital transformation of your business:




  • Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure modernization
    • Network, Virtualization, and Mobility
    • Workplace collaboration solutions
    • Datacenter strategy and migration
    • Business resilience, risk mitigation strategies and security
    • Operations transformation
  • Migration and Management
    • Cloud architecture and application workload requirements
    • Migrating and re-tooling applications and services to support working in the cloud
    • Training IT staff to support applications in the cloud
    • Updating and documenting SLAs
  • DevOps
    • Health check assessment
    • Strategy and roadmap CI/CD pipeline setup and maturation
    • Implementation of tools (Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker, etc.)
    • Automation of infrastructure management
    • Automation of test and deployment
    • Training or augmentation of specialized roles





  • Cloud: Strategy and Architecture
    • Cloud Assessment of cloud readiness
    • Guidance to select the optimal cloud platform (Azure or AWS)
    • Risk and impact analysis
    • Strategy and roadmap
    • A More Serviceable and Efficient Cloud structure
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
    • Service Strategy & Assessment
    • Service Quality & Optimization
    • Service Technology Enablement
  • ServiceNow
    • Platform deployment
    • Backlog sustainment and remote administration
    • Custom interface development
    • Standard reporting and dashboard configurations
    • Workflow configurations
    • Knowledge management