1. What types of services does IT Progresso you offer?
No matter what kind of IT resource issue you have, we can help. We can provide you with the IT experts and software developers you need — experienced or junior, team-oriented or independent, even the rare ones skilled in popular technologies — we can help! Next to Designers, IT Progresso can support you by subcontracting part of a full delivery. We can support the delivery by adding a project manager or a scrum master to the team. We do have experience in more complex IT projects in the area of payment and banking solutions or advanced Infrastructure Services. We can provide support by assigning consultants with great expertise on infrastructure, Hosting and providing Cloud solutions.

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2. What types of Software developers and IT professionals do you have in your team?
In our Dutch and Macedonian team we have a broad range of experts. We team members of several levels (junior, senior and expert) in the area of Software development and IT. Among them are: Developers, Quality assurance engineers, software analysts, DevOps engineers, scrum masters, project managers, UX/UI designers, support engineers, API experts, network specialist and Cloud experts.

For specific support, please give us a call or do a request via our team support request form: TEAM SUPPORT REQUEST FORM

3. What programming languages/technologies do you work with?
IT Progresso and its partner Asseco master a broad range of technologies. The most important Technology stacks are:
• Mobile: IoS, Java/C++, Android, C#
• Back-end and desktop: HP, .NET, Java, Node.js, C++, Qt, Python
• Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle
• Front-end: XHTML, CSS3, Less, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, ReactJS

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4. To build my own team: How long does it take you to build a team from scratch?
It is not an easy question to answer, since we do not know exactly what your project or activity is. Typically, it takes about 2–4 weeks to build a team or deliver you Software designers or IT Specialists with the right skills. The exact time frame also depends on the type and number of developers you need. If you’re looking for developers with a unique or rare skillset, it can take a little longer to find the right fit. If you indicate what you need for what scope, we can give you an estimate for your specific project or activity. Please call us or send us a request by using our request form. You will have your answer soon.


5. How do you make sure the developers and/or IT Specialist you find for me will fit my needs?
If you have provided us with your requirements, our team will search for the best fit for your service or project. Once we have found a find candidates that fits your requirement, you can personally interview the candidates you’re interested in and approve them or request other candidates. We can organize as many interview stages as you need to make sure you hire the right people, including test assignments, and references from previous customers. Take a look at the resumes of our developers that are available for hire right now, you may be able to find the right specialist there.

6. What is the average hourly rate of the software developers you provide?
We distinguish between doing projects, where we are in control of part or the full project and the assistance with supporting your projects and IT teams with qualified people. If it is about doing a project based on deliverables, we do need to discuss scope and requirements. To give you a ballpark estimate of what to expect in terms of costs for a team, we need to know the type of expert or software developer you need. Further we need to know the number of developers you’re interested in hiring, their level of seniority, and what skills they need to have to be a good match for your company. Finally, we need to know if you already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, let us know and we can get back to you with quote. In average we can lower your labour costs with around 25% to 60% depending on the project.

7. Do the developers you provide have experience with Agile?
Yes of course they do. At IT Progresso we have experience in working with the most common used Project Management methodologies. Agile/Scrum is the most commonly used development methodology although we also work with the Kanban and Waterfall project management methodologies. Read more about these technologies

8. Can you provide a Scrum Master and a project leader for my project?
Of course we can. We have certified and experienced project leaders that can manage your project and Scrum Masters that can manage your Agile scrum processes. Let us know what you need.


9. What do I need to manage my team?
With IT Progresso, you can decide yourself how much you want to be in control and what you want to manage yourself. We have different ways of cooperation, from cases in which you and your team are in full control till a way where we take full control of a project. In the basic version where you are in control, we don’t put a management layer between you and your developers, you’re the one running your team. That means you need to have an in-house specialist with a technical background capable of managing remote software developers. If you don’t have someone like that on-site, and if you don’t want to hire one locally, you can also request a Project Leader, a Scrum Master or team lead with us. Overall, running your remote team won’t be all that different from running an in-house team.

10. I’m only looking for one developer. Can you help?
For sure! “YOUR EXTENDED IT & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TEAM” can also be one person supporting your local team. We strive for a long-term cooperation, although each cooperation starts with a first step, a pilot or a first project or it could be just one developer. Once the cooperation has started we move the path together by learning and building a trustful partnership. For smaller organizations it can be one person for a longer period.

11. I need a large engineering team. Can you help?
Sure. We can build a team that suits your demand. Setting up a bigger team can however sometimes take some more time then smaller assignment. In the end however we will be able to help and to build your extended team.

12. What if I’m not satisfied with the developers I hire with you?
We take a lot of effort in finding the right match for your team and for your projects. But in rare cases it can happen that, after a while, the fit is not perfect anymore. If this happens and you feel dissatisfied with one or more our software designers or engineers, let your Client Manager know immediately. We’ll do our best to improve the way you and your new developers cooperate. If this doesn’t work out, we will start looking for a replacement at no additional cost to you and make sure the work is handed over as seamlessly as possible.

13. Can I bring members of my team to my home office?
Yes you can. Our people working in Macedonia can travel to the Netherlands for three month per half year. They do not require visa and do not need to go through difficult IND or work-permit procedures. Our travel managers will help your engineers with visas, travel arrangements, and accommodation. Please ask your Account manager for more information and for the costs involved.

14. Is your organization ISO certified?
Yes, IT Progresso’s team is compliant with ISO quality management standards (ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 2700-1) and various expert certifications like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Java, .Net. Also our experienced project managers and most of our team members know the ITIL processes.

15. How do you make sure my intellectual property stays secure and what about security?
IT Progresso and our partners take measures to secure your property rights and have installed security processes and measures. Our software developers and IT professionals you hire with us may work in our facilities, but the work they do belongs to you. Our team members sign NDA’s for the project they do. We do have a standard NDA, but you are welcome to provide your NDA version. We take extra care to make sure your intellectual property stays yours. Further, you’re welcome to use your own email servers or systems, and administer your team’s workstations remotely. We have our own standard security measures. Our measures include restricted access to our offices, firewall and antivirus protection, a strictly-enforced password policy, and system administrator support. Additional security measures can be added at your request.

16. What do you offer that comparable services don’t?
IT Progresso can provide Software design and IT Services and extend your team without needing to invest in office space, hire support staff, or deal with the legal formalities. Next to that, the software developers and IT experts work in the same time zone. Comparable companies work in different time-zones like China or India. Next to that the Quality / Price ratio is very good compared to local support. Also our people working in Macedonia can travel to the Netherlands for three month per half year. They do not require visa and do not need to go through difficult work-permit procedures.