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Detection of leaks in the waterdistribution system



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Flexible software system designed to support water cleaning and wast-water processes


Universal Terminal Management System (UTMS)

Customer Benefits

Universal Terminal Management System serves as the base for managing and monitoring POS networks and allows multi-vendor and multi-protocol support. Also this reliable system provides remote software downloading and remote parameter managing thereby the customer gets email notifications. Due to features of the main modules UTMS consist numerous advantages for the costumers such Multi-database support, one click batch update, XML interface for external systems (host, ticketing, RKL), scheduled remote update etc. Thanks to Request Manager Module, the client always has accurate overviews of any terminal. The customer is regularly informed by online monitoring with extensive reports and advanced visualization changes.

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Universal Network Access Controller (UNAC)

Customer Benefits

This product is easily deployable in any configuration scheme and it is a reliable product which supports payment traffic from any number of devices. It offers a broad range of advantages for the costumers. UNAC allows easier and faster processing of multiple transactions that are happening concurrently from the local area to the hosts. Costumer can be sure that security of this product is on a high level because the system is based on a hardware encryption. Also it secures minimal risk of information theft by internal or external attacks. It can be easily upgraded, configured and managed remotely via a Web config tool. Due to its simplicity, the network issues can be fixed easily and quickly, so the customer obtains professional troubleshooting and diagnosing of faults. The benefit of this product is low maintenance cost, accurate overview and maximized efficiency and effectivity.

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PayPro Application for POS Terminal

Customer Benefits

The customer will benefit by implementation of this application because it provides functionalities for different platforms and vendors. This is a very functional application which brings numerous advantages for the customer such as various supported communication channels, protocols, card types, processors etc. This application encompasses various financial transactions such as sale and offline sale (force offline and below floor limit), sale with instalments (as regular or separate transaction), sale with tip, sale with cashback, cash, refund (merchandise return), mail order, preauthorization (preauthorization completion), and balance inquiry so the customer has a wide range of transactions. The customer also can do adjustments such as PIN set/change, language selection according to card country code, main screen customization with shortcut buttons, can add text or logo on the receipt etc.

This application offers to the customer various reports (summary and audit), terminal statistics, time scheduled automatic settlement and initialization. Also it has a broad range of
value-added features such as multi-acquiring, multi-currency, dynamic currency conversion (DCC), payment services including mobile phone top-up, RKL (remotely key injection for PIN, MAC and DATA encryption), loyalty, mobile payment and many others.

Prospect system

Customer Benefits

The Prospect System is a reliable middle system that converts the messages between various devices so the customer can be sure that the Prospect sysem is а secure system. The customer has accurate overview of the stored data in form of reports. Also the customer can effectively manage with the network via Prospect Web. The Prospect Web offers to the customer quick reports, settings, additions, etc. The Prospect system also offers to the customer various functionalities, such as POS and ATMs Top up (for T-mobile, One, Vip operators) transactions, POS and ATMs bill payment transactions, ATMs financial transactions through OTHA (Online To Host Authorization) serve, eBank services etc. Transaction that processed by the ATM Listener are crypted so the customer may be sure that the transactions are not readable and only with a special device (ATM Listener) they can be encrypted.

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ATM exchange office

Customer Benefits

This solution leads to more efficient, simpler operations and faster exchanging. It is a very useful solution where the Bank can requires identification of the client who wants to exchange a cash. In that case, the steps for exchangig are very simple, the client only should inserts the card in the ATM, selects “Exchange” from ATMs offered services, enter forein banknotes, selects “Confirm” and the exchange transaction is made. All activities will be logged in the internal Journal folder so that the Bank always has accurate overviews of the daily activities which are written in different documents.

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ATM Deposit office

Customer Benefits

This solution leads to more efficient operations and time saving. ATM Deposit office simplifieas the process of depositing and proccessing cash. The custumer in one solution obtains full electronic cash proccessing, such a identification, validation of cash deposit, crediting the customer’s account etc. It won’t be neccessary visiting the Bank for depositing cash on an account, paying credits etc. becauste this solution is availible 24×7. The Bank always can have accurate overviews of the daily activities which are printed on a receipt. Also the Bank can be sure that the counterfeit banknotes are rejected.

The procedure is in the following simple steps: the customer inserts the payment card, selects the Cash deposit, enters the PIN, inserts cash in the ATM, the cash through the Cash deposit module (CCDM) which is integrated in to the ATM are stored in a cassettess, the ATMs displays the amount of deposit value, the Prospect server sends a request to the processing center and the ATM receives a response, and at the end of transaction all information are printed on a receipt.

ATM Deposit office significantly reduces administrative effort and expense and dramatically increases the efficiency of the self-service system.

ATM Video Monitoring System – iSee

Customer Benefits

ATM Video Monitoring System brings numerous benefits for the customer. This system enables
real-time overviews of the suspicious behavior such as client disputes, brute force attacks, other illegal or suspicious activities, fraud and skimming. It takes action immediately after events occurs and takes pictures, videos and sends notification to the stakeholders. Pictures and videos that are based on these activities are archived in a central location and named with numbers of the photo/video and the date, hour and millisecond so that the customer is regularly informed. The client also has clear view on all peripheral devices (Card Reader, Cash Dispenser) that are connected to terminal. This system can be remote software upgraded and remote configured. Customer can use iSee on different type of terminals such as ATMs, Automatic Treasury Safes, info terminals and many others.

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Customer Benefits

Implementation of this solution brings numerous advantages for the costumer, such as monitoring of the ATMs condition, creating daily or monthly reports of the ATM, changing the condition of the ATM (Offline/Online/Out of service), restarting the ATM, time zone, date and time adjustments and many others. The costumer is regularly informed about the condition of the ATMs such as errors, condition of the dispenser and the cassettes, condition of the application, activated programs, quantity of a receipt paper, etc. Also the customer can creates different users, job functionality, and setups of mail. One of the main benefits is the fast remote downloading files, support.z, journal, and remote file attaching so it won’t be necessary visiting the location of the ATM.

All this actions results with low transport costs, accurate overview and maximized efficiency and effectivity.

In addition, the Bank can choose one of the two models of ProView solution, In-house model (the Bank is an owner of the Client and Software ATM licenses and also the Bank individually monitors its ATMs) and the second is Outsource model (ASSECO SEE is owner of the ProView software and it monitors the ATMs of the Bank so the Bank is monthly reported).

Banknote Manager

Customer Benefits

Banknote manager is well organized solution which provides accurate overview of the reports. Due to that the client can monitors all the activities on the machines added in to the application. The benefits of this solution are reliable reports and accurate overview of the machines condition. This application offers to the client all the necessary data to be placed in one place such as lists of all machines and counted banknotes; information about the operator selecting during counting; the counting machine serial number, name, site and type; the quality, number, currency, value and issue of the banknotes counted; the selected mode during counting; the deposit if it is entered while counting; the banknotes’ denomination, output of counting and time of counting. And the most important for the client is summarized reports for National Bank which is showing only sum tables of counted banknotes, grouping them by the machines serial number, and a sum table of all counted banknotes on all machines at the end of the report.

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