Some activities can permanently be outsourced to us. Think of back-up management, hosting and other services. When you don’t have the capacity yourself or cannot accept new customers, think of IT Progresso. You can also let us prove to you that we can do several services in a more efficient way.

  • Does your organization want to focus more on its core activities and business processes? Are there opportunities within your organization to reduce ICT costs? Should ICT 24 × 7 be accessible and available? Or do you regularly deal with IT failures and do you want to increase the continuity? We are able to design scenarios for all managed services, with clear explanations of the consequences of certain choices.
  • There are many ways IT outsourcing can be done. You current IT environment can be outsourced to IT Progresso ‘as is’, but in that case you do not use the possibilities to optimize your environment based on our best practices.
  • Innovation: Digital Transformation! You go one step further if you not only optimize the IT support of your current processes, but when you look at opportunities to use IT even more closely in order to meet your business objectives. Together with your team and stakeholders we develop a roadmap for the digital transformation of your organization.
  • When your organization outsources software development, Q&A testing services, Software maintenance or other services to our team, you will have at your service a team of highly creative and motivated designers and technicians who have years of experience creating, testing and managing world-class applications quickly and efficiently.

IT Progresso can manage different parts of your IT, or your IT development process. To name some examples:

  • Outsourced app and software development: We can build your own extended team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities. We strive to find the best resources for your needs. If you need to scale up quick we can build your team that will work together with your marketeers or product managers.
  • Outsourced testing services. IT Progresso could deliver fully managed outsourced testing services covering the full software testing lifecycle. You can reduce your downtime costs and effectively cover your project peak loads with the help of a dedicated outsourced software testing team that works from our development centers.  We can help you to realize cost-effective release cycles and flawless performance of your new software and systems. The test-team could be on-demand or fully dedicated.
  • Outsource software maintenance and support: Successful software development doesn’t end at delivery. IT Progresso can offer your business a way to maintain, update, and support your software solutions, allowing you to adapt to changing market demands quickly and efficiently. Perfect software has never been built, and that’s perfectly alright. User preferences vary too widely and change too rapidly for software to simultaneously satisfy everyone. The one thing all users do expect, however, is a baseline level of reliability and performance. That’s why you’ll want a clear plan of action for maintaining a consistent user experience — regardless of what technical challenges you face behind the scenes.
  • Outsource Cloud hosting: Enterprises are moving more workloads to the public cloud, but continuing to run certain applications in dedicated private cloud environments for security, regulatory or competitive reasons. So they’re looking for providers that can seamlessly manage and integrate their hybrid cloud environments. IT Progresso can combine these in it’s Cloud hosting services.

We at IT Progresso are looking forward to offer our excellent outsourcing and software development services to your company, whether large or small scale or requiring simple or complex outsourcing solutions. We provide you with qualified and experienced developers and IT personnel who are experts on working on specific tasks and will fulfill your project requirements effectively. Contact us if you are looking forward to starting a new project in the coming year or want to outsource some non-core activities to us.