Our expertise covers design, prototyping and development of industry-driven and business-oriented software and applications for web, mobile and desktop. We have helped many companies worldwide to transform the way they do business by perfectly aligning information technology with their growth strategies. Our service is in line with quality standards and customer requirements.

Most businesses and organizations have discovered how technology impacts their profit-making operations. This is especially when competitors adopt technology that facilitates their operations, creating a threat to them. A lot of organizations are in search of technological services to remain up to date with their market standard. Yet most of these companies in-house workforce lack the required tech skills. While hiring the IT services in their home country is expensive.

On the other hand, the graduates who have undertaken IT courses produced yearly, are fewer as compared those demanded in the market. This leaves a big gap between the required work pool of developers and the one that is available.


  • Cannot hire the right local tech talent on time? Unhappy with high attrition rate on your in-house team? Scale your delivery capacity with the IT Progresso Co-Sourcing service. Whether you need additional resources or access to specific technical expertise, we integrate directly with your team at any stage in the product lifecycle to help you ramp up development.
  • You retain full control over product development. The engagement model enables you to manage your team as you do your in-house one, while we give you the necessary tools and provide our continued assistance. Also, you can involve us at any stage of our cooperation so that we help facilitate communication and relationships with your team.
  • Our Eastern Europe team has its unique advantages in terms of the combination of hard and soft skills essential for success in software engineering. Your team will consist of dedicated developers with niche skills and extensive experience in different technologies and markets.
  • We design and develop custom apps and software solutions — from mobile consumer apps to line-of-business corporate web applications and desktop system level utilities. You will access the latest technology and field-proven tools we know how to leverage, customize, or create in order to launch an app or enterprise software that brings value.


In what way can we help, what are our skills?

  • Full-stack skills: Suit complex end-to-end solution implementations powered by our hardware- and application-level competencies
  • Project management skills: Make sure your project will meet the project objectives within the time, money and other resource constraints.
  • Business Analisys skills: Help assess requirements feasibility to define the adequate project scope
  • Knowledge of solution architecture: Helps transform business requirements into relevant technical solution building strategies
  • UX/UI principles: Help create convenient, useful, and visually compelling applications enhancing the User Experience.
  • Software developer maturity: Our software engineers have solid background and hands-on experience of developing tech-intensive and research-driven software solutions: data-rich web systems, machine learning solutions, desktop apps with robust image processing, system level and app level desktop systems, low-level software — firmware, drivers, kernels
  • Devops support skills: If you are in the business of software development, we can help you to introduce engineering principles. These include build automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Our expertise with DevOps tools can improve the communication between your team members,. This results in faster problem resolution and quicker market reach. All of this improves your bottom line and contributes to your future success.