The team of IT Progresso makes use of excellent Developers and specialist in the different IT areas. Our teams works mainly from Macedonia and partly in the Netherlands. Working remotely provides more flexibillity at more competitive rates. Of course, when necessary, the team members can come to the Netherlands.

With an increasing demand for software development services and a shortage of locally available tech talent, subcontracting of IT Development can be a great solution to create customer responsiveness and a way to grow your business. Our challenge is to find the right developers or IT experts to strengthen your team. We make sure the right developer matches your project. We make use of an IT team in Macedonia that has an excellent track record for working for larger (international) companies and Government agencies. They bring in expertise, reliability and of course a lot of creativity.

IT Specialist and Software Developers for hire
If you click below you can find some examples of Developers that work for us and that can take over part of your project or join your team on a temporary basis. Download their C.V. or send us a request form on what kind of expertise you need.